DEO Docs: UI/UX for E-Commerce app

Dive into our Case Study for DEO Docs: UI/UX for E-Commerce app. Flow2web will present a great UI/UX design idea with client requirements. To realize the “problem” of the client, the Flow2web team made a detailed brief where all the scenarios of DEO Docs were explained.

Step 1: Goal

For many years all data was written on paper and hence the idea for the same information to be stored in a Database with easy access to all students. The client didn’t know how to design it, but the Flow2web team got involved thoroughly. We came up with the idea to create an E-commerce website for eCommerce Web Design Companies where the administrator/client could also manage them and make transactions with their services. The main challenges of the project were:

  1. Rewriting a live app currently available in A4 white paper “book”
  2. Delivering a well-established UI/UX design, high quality user interface with advanced functionalities
  3. Integrating a large amount of 3rd party content within the platform
  4. Creating a product that could scale up easily for international expansion
  5. Filtering student data
  6. Payment by card
  7. Reports for all students and their history

Step 2: Process

It’s always good to have access to a professional UI/UX design. DEE Docs chose Flow2web for designing their application’s relaunch.

We helped DEO Docs design a modern and intuitive UI/UX that incorporates various business requirements into a coherent product. We started the process of this project with wireframes. Together with the UI/UX and DEV team we made more sketches, plans, ideas and detailed research for their competition. Below you can see some wireframes with the help of our pencil and crayons skills 🙂

Step 3: Results

The DEO Docs E-commerce platform receives a very positive feedback from the community about for UI/UX design part. After all the meetings, research, crayons, pencils and detailed “arguments” something strange happened. Indeed the result was WOW. We have come up with a great user-friendly look at a true e-commerce application where the client sends us final steps on other requirements. Below you can enjoy the user interfaces that the Flow2web team designed in Figma app.