Jovan Pop-Petrov

Full name: Jovan Pop-Petrov

Job Title: CEO, Full Stack Developer

As a multidisciplinary developer and a designer with 12 years of experience I tend to solve problems by simply identifying them. I always do my best to examine alternate solutions then choose and implement the best one.

Atanas Prchev

Full name: Atanas Prchev

Job Title: Project Manager

Project Management is kinda fun and easy like riding a bike. The only difference being the bike is on fire, the road is on fire and it seems like you're on fire as well. Good thing I'm good at being on fire.

Andon Angov

Full name: Andon Angov

Job Title: UX/UI Graphic Designer

As a user experience and interface designer, my primary tool is Figma. Besides, I love AdobeXD and Sketch. Furthermore, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, are my go-to tools for Graphic Design. Great designs are already deep-rooted in each one of us, but it is almost as if they are dormant, so awakening them requires using a wide variety of skills, tools, and ideas. Due to this, mastering current and acquiring new skills is a well-known practice for me.

Nikola Tanushev

Full name: Nikola Tanushev

Job Title: UX/UI Graphic Designer

I‘m a UX/UI Graphic Designer with over 8 years experience and crafting digital products, helping businesses and non-profits expand their capacity for impact. I'm comfortable working on all aspects of the product cycle, from running ideation workshops and research to prototyping journeys, crafting beautiful design story and delivering production-ready assets.


Flow2Web builds web app products that let people do things differently. Many wheels must go round smoothly to deliver the intended goal, these necessary wheels are our departments and people. Each of us is different. Thanks to this, we can complement each other while aiming for the common goal. We know how to be the team, that is our greatest strength.

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