The Way to get started is to NEVER give up

I’ve always been interested in this line of work. It’s very respectable and rewarding. But, I never knew that I would make it. Here I am now. Talking to you about it. I think I’m there, where I set out to be. And, I can do much more. Don’t you think?

The first client I worked for was way back when I was in college, 2007 or 2008 I think. I needed to develop a website. It was just a student task. Something pro forma for my studies. After that seminar paper he asked for 10 more web projects. It really motivated me and encouraged me to work on bigger and more serious projects. I saw my path.

After some time a friend called me. He needed a website for his company. I thought of turning it down. I was scared to not mess it up. That turned out to be my first big client. I went all in, again. Sometimes working so late that I didn’t even go to bed but straight to college. My friend helped me a lot and gave me great ideas and tips. Our joint effort resulted in a website that had some great comments from a lot of users. Our peers and our professors said pretty nice things as well. After that, I managed to create a portfolio. It seemed really important and it still is. It eventually contributed to my first employment at a company. Had my own desk now! 

Now I’m a Web Developer and I will never forget how it all started. For the students out there, you should always ask, communicate, try, listen… whenever something is not clear. I think you should NEVER GIVE UP. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in IT or in construction.

It’s challenging, but makes a life your own – Jovan Pop-Petrov