A triangle that helps

Yes, a triangle that helps, look at the picture below, three points with the same interests helping each other. Focus is a human action that takes time and attention. The outcome of these goals is of broad importance to our community.

The function of the triangle is to create an environment of mutual interest that will lead to the funding of a humanitarian action/program.

The developer himself (point 1) needs to invest time to make a website for a specific user/director (point 2). The user himself does not have enough funds for a website but still wants to have a minimal presence and enter the digital world with his organization. The developer promises to do it for free, but only if he WANTS to, he can help a humanitarian cause (point 3). The director of the organization (point 2) agrees with it and the developer allocates his resources and time to make the digital presence. The developer completes the website, the Director contacts the humanitarian action and thus the goal of the triangle is fulfilled, where the humanitarian action receives support for the realization of its mission.

Yes, it works, try it, and invest time and resources! You will be surprised how that little time means a lot to someone.
When you think about it, yes, everyone helps each other, and everyone is happy.

As you can see, you won’t lose anything, but you will gain a LOT (friends, love, faith, hope, humanity, website ☺ ….etc).