Many questions about the Freelance life

questions, questions, many questions about the Freelance life… how to work online? how to get the first customer? …. how can i earn money from internet?? … etc. etc…

too many answers and tricks, but few results… 🙁

Yes, this is my first project on the Upwork platform… you can see below in the picture, it’s about a little money, but a lot of love and maybe 2 days of work. That is my first Upwork/Freelance project from my old desk and old monitor with cathode tube….

This post has a limit and I have to stop :)… how to get started on Upwork, you can also read here ->

I think you should NEVER GIVE UP. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in IT or in construction.

It’s challenging, but makes a life your own – J.P

Thank you Upwork